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Why MusicSplit?

MusicSplit is redefining music ownership. On ARTSPLIT, investing in music is simple, safe and secure. Earned royalties are paid monthly in your ARTSPLIT wallet. Get Started on ARTSPLIT app and build your music royalties portfolio


Music Streaming revenues in 2020


Music Industry Revenue comes from Streaming


Projected 2023 Music Streaming Revenue

363+ Million

Subscribers across Spotify, Apple, Amazon, and Youtube


Annual growth rate of global streaming income


Projected 2027 Music Streaming Revenue

Afrobeats to the World, Royalties in Your Wallet!

With MusicSplit, you can now gain access to previously unavailable royalty assets when you buy portions and invest in your favorite Artists' upcoming projects. It's a win for all; your Fav gets the required funding to create great music for your enjoyment and you earn passive income and high-yielding returns by investing in their royalty streams.
What's better than listening to great music? Earning royalties while listening to great music!

Afrobeats to the World, <span class="primary-gradient-text">Royalties</span> in Your Wallet!

Secure your Artistic Freedom

Maintaining control over your creative vision and the rights to your music is critical as an artist. Traditional record deals frequently require you to sign away a huge portion of your royalties and taking an advance can mean foregoing long-term earnings for short-term financial gain. But there is a better option: MusicSplit on the ARTSPIT app allows you to raise funds by offering your fans a portion of your royalty stream. This approach will enable you to retain control over your music while benefiting financially from your fanbase.

<span class="primary-gradient-text">Secure</span> your Artistic Freedom

Why you Should Have Royalties in Your Portfolio?

As an investor, you are always on the lookout for ways to protect your capital while increasing your yield. Lots of other investors like you also seek diversification through alternative investment because stocks, bonds and other similar investment assets can be vulnerable to macroeconomic trends. Music royalties are a fantastic option. The artiste creates the asset once and you collect royalties on it indefinitely from the streaming revenue.

Uncorrelated Asset

Uncorrelated Asset

Because they operate independently of public markets, music royalties are the purest form of alternative investment

Passive Income

Passive Income

Earn royalties as the music is streamed from all over the world without any additional effort.

High Yield

High Yield

Music royalties have a history of high earnings (avg. ROI of 10%) and the potential to deliver double-digit yields that compete with bonds and dividend-paying stocks.

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King Perryy

With Nigerian music gaining precedence worldwide, King Perryy stands out as one of the country's most distinctive and ambitious young acts. The creator of what he calls the “Continental Sound,” the former seminary student and would-be Catholic priest fuses the melodies and rhythms of today's Afrobeats with pan-African influences and reggae/dancehall to create deeply resonant songs that transcend cultures and borders...

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