Enhancing the Investment
Status of African Art

We believe in the value of African art and artists, as well as the power of markets.

With the explosion in the appreciation and value of African content and art in the global market over the last decade. African art is undeniably the new liquid gold!

As a result, we created a platform that elevates the investment status of African art by enabling users to co-own rare and valuable artworks on a platform that ensures price discovery and market liquidity.

By developing the African art ecosystem through technology and co-ownership, we aim to position African art and artists as the preferred alternative investment choice.

We believe that by using alternative investments, we can make wealth accessible to everyone.

Investing is simple here

ARTSPLIT is the easiest way to access smarter alternate investment options and earn real returns. We make investing secure, accessible and affordable.

Portfolio View

You can upload your artwork and view your portfolios in real-time. You can also view the worth of each artwork or unit of an artwork.


Fund your wallet easily and safely via bank transfer or credit/debit cards.

Customer Support

send an email to info@artsplit or call/Whatsapp our number on +2349088962169. You can also follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @artsplitofficial.

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