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The ARTSPLIT May Monthly Auction, "Generations of Colours", presents the vibrant works of two contemporary Nigerian artists, Abiodun Olaku and Ndidi Emefiele.

Among leading artists of contemporary practice, Abiodun Olaku presents vital measures of model craftsmanship and ethos of the trade not common in Nigeria or in sub-Saharan regions. His ascent into prominence, founded on the ingenious thematic insight and painterly dexterity of his superb portraits and landscapes, forging new perspectives within traditional techniques rather than following trends.

On the other hand, Ndidi Emefiele's art exemplifies her graceful approach to engaging issues of African and black identity with joy and humor. Her figurative works fearlessly challenge traditional expectations and reflect contemporary experiences of female identity. With self-deprecating satire, exemplified in her bespectacled baby-faced doll-figurations, Ndidi navigates tense racial relations in multicultural spaces exuding cultural heritage and aesthetics inspired by Nigeria's rich traditions.

Although their approaches to the medium differ, both artists masterfully convey emotion, culture, perspective, and resilience through their distinct perspectives on human experience, race, and society at large. The resulting collection presents a diverse and thought-provoking showcase of contemporary Nigerian art.

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To have custodianship of these works after the Split auction is complete, there would be another bid to enable you have the physical artwork for an agreed period. Ensure your wallet is funded to partake in this process as well. Terms and Conditions apply